What We Do

From discrete harnesses to box builds, Symmetry Electronics can build, test, and deliver all your interconnect needs. For over 25 years we’ve been supporting OEM’s by manufacturing coax cable assemblies, flat/ribbon cables, heavy gauge cables, complex wire harnesses, .100 mm center line flat flex cables as well as a wide variety of mechanical assemblies.


During our 25+ years in business, Symmetry has assembled an impressive range of tooling allowing us to produce a wide variety of wire, cable, and mechanical assemblies. Symmetry is equipped with factory supplied tooling from a long list of manufacturers including among others, Tyco, Molex, Hirose, JAE, JST, Pauduit, Burndy, Deutsch, ITT Cannon, FCI/Berg, Delphi/Packard, and Samtec.

Constant improvement and streamlining of our processes has been achieved by investing in the best equipment on the market. Utilizing our wire processing equipment from both Komax and Schleuniger, we can easily accommodate wire and cable ranging from 30 AWG to 350 MCM. We have the ability to cut, strip, and prep discrete wire, multi-conductor and coax cable at our facility. Our commitment to automation means your assemblies are built with consistent quality at the lowest possible cost. From wire prep to automated cable tying, labeling and marking, you can be confident in Symmetry’s ability to get your assembly needs right every time.


Symmetry’s unique ERP and production systems insure that your assemblies are produced to your specifications, and delivered on time to your point of use. Since our founding, we have been an innovator in the use of bar code systems to control costs, maximize efficiencies, provide quality assurance, and manage inventory. As we’ve grown, our bar code systems have evolved with us to provide the most accurate, immediate information available, insuring the best manufacturing system in the business.


We have built a reputation for meeting both the quick turn and long term support needs of our customers. Whether it be a small initial production run, a prototype build you need turned fast, or long term support of your on going production needs, we are known throughout the industry for our ability to meet our customers’ unique lead time requirements.


Our engineering department can help you with the engineering of your wire and cable assembly, as well as suggest improvements to your existing designs that can reduce cost and lead time, while increasing dependability.


Need someone to manage your inventory requirements with just-in-time stock delivered to your facility? We’ve been helping our customers manage their wire and cable assembly inventories on site and from our offices for more than 10 years. Our delivery vehicles cover the entire Puget Sound region helping us support your just in time requirements, as well as unexpected needs. Ask us how we can set up a supply chain to support your inventory needs, lower your costs, and keep your production line up and running.